pwning with prescision

Precision Pwning

42 clear adhesives for precision gaming on any touch screen device.


The most critical of the adhesives, bar none. FPS's on a touch screen lack the tactile feedback of a traditional controller. These allow you to not only focus on action, but have confidence you will remain in control when things get real.


Traditional, D-pad gaming setup. The circle cut-out allow you to feel exactly where the control triggers will be. No more fishing for the up position before:

↑↑↓↓←➞←➞ B A Select, Start.


Casual gamers need not apply. Both the Rings and D-pad setup for gamers who enjoy many games throughout the day. Flip your device over to switch the setup. Because the adhesives are clear, it won't interfere with your game play.

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Your thumbs won't slip past these low profile adhesives. Just enough to keep you inline.

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Use a gamestickr to hone in on the best spot for firing a canon or launching your attack.

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